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Fall Aware delivers predictive, and instant fall alerts that will be monitored 24/7. For your aging loved one it puts dignity, privacy and independence at the forefront of what they want!

Instant Fall Detection

Ensure rapid response to prevent complications resulting from long lie times after a fall, while identifying even minor “hidden” falls that often lead to more serious incidents.

Dynamic presence tracking

Room occupancy monitoring and measuring time spent at rest reveals loss of mobility, while bathroom frequency tracking flags up signs of health deterioration in elderly people. (Order 2 disc for tracking bedroom and bathroom) 

Night-time Wandering

This is a concern for everyone! It does not matter if your family member or friend is living alone or with someone.  Nights are the times most people wonder, and most families do not realize it until a fall happens.  Be proactive, not reactive! 

Bathroom Frequency

Learn how many times a bathroom visit happens.  Over time if this decreases or increases, you can determine if there is a issue that needs to be addressed.  Did you know the second most common place for a fall is the bathroom? Pair this with our smart seat to see daily data on possible UTI's, dehydration, constipation, and more! 

Room Presence

Many have found that a 3-disc solution has offered the best coverage, and data to understand their loved one's behaviors so that they can provide the best tools, and safety plans.  It has been discovered that what happens during the day, is not the same pattern their love one follows at night! 

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